“For Every Fox, An End” by Zakariya Tamer

“For Every Fox, An End,” short story by Zakariya Tamer. Arabic Literature (in English), 11 January 2014.

The Lion was roused from his slumber by the hooting of his neighbor, the Owl. Vexed, he commanded the Owl, “Enough with this dreadful hooting!”
“I woke you up to warn you that you will die in the coming days because you’ve grown old,” replied the Owl. “You will die and go far away from the forest.”
The Lion contemplated all that was around him: the clear blue sky, the golden sunshine, the green grass and flowers of yellow, red, and white. He then became distressed, and his resentment towards death, the Owl, and aging tormented him. But he forgot his sorrows immediately when he caught a glance of a plump fox, and he readied himself to chase after it.
The Owl hooted, “The Fox is going to die! The Fox is going to die!”

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Screenshot of Arab Lit in English
Screenshot from Arabic Literature (in English)