Invited Lecture — “On the land or in the poem?”: the Poetical Andalusia of Mahmoud Darwish (UCLA)

On Aḥada ʿashara kaukaban ʿalā ʾākhiri l-mashhadi l-Andalusī
/ [Eleven Stars over Andalusia]

أحد عشر كوكبًا على آخر المشهد الأندلسي

Guest speaker for “Literature of Islamic Spain / Al-Andalus” upper division course in Arabic and Comparative Literature at University of California, Los Angeles

Drawing from the image of Joseph’s dream, Mahmoud Darwish draws connections between the loss and beauty of Andalusia with that of Palestine, blurring history and myth, material and imaginary.

Window view in Alhambra - arches and arabesque
Alhambra window view