Digital Gateway Mellon Annotation Tool

Download Documentation (Last Updated by Robert Farley, 8 November 2018).

Led by Matthew Fisher (UCLA) and funded by the English Department and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Annotation Tool is an interactive digital platform for students and teachers to collectively annotate a text. Currently, access to this tool has been restricted to classes in the English Department.

I worked closely with Dr. Fisher from September to December, 2018, to support the broader rollout of this tool (prior to its restriction the following year). I wrote the User Manual (download above), tested and revised the tool against non-Latin scripts, and conceived of different pedagogical use cases. I demonstrated this and other annotation technology the following year in a multi-disciplinary symposium I co-organized, Evidence and Human Rights in a Post-Truth World.

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Screenshot of Annotation Tool
Screenshot from DG Mellon Annotation Tool Documentation