Baghdad Noir reviewed in Middle Eastern Literatures

Mark Firmani (University of Pennsylvania) reviews Baghdad Noir (ed. Samuel Shimon, Aksashic Books, 2018). He writes:

Dheya al-Khalidi’s “Getting to Abu Nuwas Street” (tr. Robert James Farley) details the attempts of a man held captive in an abandoned workshop to remember how he got there. In the process, he becomes mired in flashbacks to “the war of the eighties – a memory that refused to be forgotten, a stretch,” as he tells us, “I’d never get across” (220). Ultimately, he fails to fill in the gaps, instead abdicating responsibility for telling the story “with all sorts of horrors and outlandish details” to those who ultimately torture him to, presumably, death (223).

Mark Firmani (2018) Baghdad noir, Middle Eastern Literatures, 21:2-3, 260-262, DOI: 10.1080/1475262X.2019.1573543