DH101 Online: Introduction to Digital Humanities on Canvas

Led by Ashley Sanders (UCLA), and funded by UCLA Digital Humanities and UCLA Online Teaching and Learning Initiative (OTLI), this was a project to develop a completely online 6-week summer course introducing students to fundamental principles and tools of digital humanities. Aside from teaching consulting and coordinating with instructional designers, my primary contribution was creating tutorials for the variety of tools covered in class primarily used for the organization, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization of data sets. The tutorials consist of the following:

  • Excel (Organization, Cleaning, Manipulation)
  • OpenRefine (Cleaning, Manipulation)
  • Palladio (Mapping, Visualizations)
  • Rawgraphs (Visualizations)
  • Breve (Visualization)
  • Hypothes.is (Text Annotation)
  • WordPress (Content Management)
Screenshot of section of tutorial on Palladio
Screenshot of section of tutorial on Palladio